Facebook Resistance Workshop at Transmediale

Artzilla.org member TBX is announcing the “Facebook Resistance Workshop” at the Transmediale Festival in Berlin on February, 4th 2011, 13:00-16:00!

We are going to brainstorm and draft concepts around the topic “What if you could change Facebook’s laws?” Here’s the official announcement and link to register – We’re open for 10 participants, and the results will be presented at the Festival on Saturday!

While early www networks like Geocities.com encouraged it’s users to entirely modify their online presence, Myspace.com and Web 2.0 have steered this “user generated content” into a commercially valuable structure. Facebook has finalized this “evolution” by disabling the user to do anything but feeding the system that gives FB it’s estimated value of 50 Billion US$.

Facebook is taking over the social web, and it’s design follows Mark Zuckerberg’s ideals. To quote Lawrence Lessig: “The code is law. The architectures of cyberspace are as important as the law in defining and defeating the liberties of the Net.”*1 What if you could change FB’s laws? You can! Browser extensions (e.g. Firefox Add-ons) enable us to locally modify Facebook.com and distribute it to the masses.*2

Preregistered workshop participants will learn how browser extensions (e.g. Firefox Add-Ons) enable us to locally modify Facebook.com and distribute it to the masses. In the presentation on Saturday Tobias Leingruber presents the experimental and artistic Facebook hack concepts to festival visitors before turning these concepts into a real software that users worldwide can download and share.

Example Ideas:
- Dislike Button
- Graffiti Wall (based on GML/webmarker.me)
- Auto-comment generator (e.g. LOL or Kanye West speak)
- Custom background images and visual css styling for your visitors
- Themes, e.g. change your FB’s color: pink, yellow…

Register now and let’s work together!

January 3rd, 2011

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